The Q3 Ranger system is a sophisticated and advanced GPS software system. When installed on standard, GPS-enabled portable computers, it creates bespoke Q3 Ranger devices. Q3 Ranger devices are custom programmed for use in specific areas.  


Q3 Rangers can direct people along outdoor trails and routes with turn by turn audio and visual directions. These directions can be seamlessly blended with multimedia information automatically presented at pre-set points of interest. Alternatively, users can roam an area at will, being automatically alerted to the points of interest.


This extremely flexible, modular system also enables users to explore supplementary information stored on their Q3 Ranger at any time or place during an outdoor tour.


Q3 Rangers are suitable for a wide range of outdoor tourism and recreation applications. They are a revolutionary, 21st Century interpretation tool for the outdoors, providing tourists with unique, personal experiences at their own pace.  


Being guided by a Q3 Ranger mimics the experience of being shown around by a local friend: they know exactly where to go, can point out interesting features along the way and tell fascinating anecdotes related to particular places.  


Users can be presented with otherwise hidden views, local stories, heritage or seasonal highlights relevant to particular locations: live webcam images of the inside of those nests on the cliffs; magnified images of small creatures or objects; pictures and movies bringing historical events or different seasons to life.


The Q3 Ranger system can be installed on a range of devices to suit different user needs. For example, tablets are ideal for educational groups, while smaller devices cater for individual or family use.


Content can include any combination of video, images, movies, animations, text, maps and audio, tailored to a particular outdoor site and user group(s).


Q3 Rangers have been extensively tested and proved with user groups of all ages and abilities. They are simple and intuitive to use.



The Q3 Ranger System

Q3 Rangers use GPS to deliver location_specific information and tours
Q3 Rangers automatically deliver information at pre-programmed points outdoors.
Q3 Rangers direct people's attention to features of interest in their surroundings.
Q3 Rangers can link in to live wildlife webcams.
The Q3 Ranger system will work on a range of devices

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