Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What happens if I inadvertently press something or do something wrong? Can I stop the Q3 Ranger working, either temporarily or for good?


A. No. You cannot harm the Q3 Ranger’s system by tapping on the screen or pressing buttons on the devices. The computer’s operating system and files are completely locked down. You can only access predetermined information which will enhance your visit.



Q. How long can I use a Q3 Ranger before the battery goes flat?


A. All recommended devices have a battery life of at least six hours.


Q. Can I update information on the Q3 Rangers without recourse to you?


A. Yes. It is easy to change the information to be displayed at any particular point. We can provide clear instructions and guidance for updating information on your Q3 Rangers.




Q. Are Q3 Rangers just another version of the many portable GPS guidance devices already on the market?


Q. Do Q3 Rangers work using a map-type application?  


A. The answer to both these related questions is No. Q3 Rangers are entirely different. They certainly incorporate GPS guidance, but are not merely a location finder and guidance tool.


Although they can easily display maps, the system does not work from a constantly displayed map. Any combination of images, video, audio, maps and text can be displayed automatically at set points or called up at will by the user.



Q. My visitor centre/ site covers a very large area. Will your system work over such large areas?


A. Yes. The Q3 Ranger system works well in areas of any size.


Q. Can Q3 Rangers get a GPS position fix under dense tree canopies or in canyons?


A. Yes. The Q3 Ranger system utilizes GPS technology which is able to get positional fixes even in difficult GPS areas.


Q. My Q3 Rangers are likely to get tough use and will be in a pretty hostile environment for computers. Will they be adequately protected?


A. Yes. Various options are available for protecting Q3 Ranger devices against shock, drop, water and dust, to military specifications.





Q. I have never used a computer before. Will I be able to use a Q3 Ranger?


A. Yes. If you can listen to and/or read instructions and tap the screen occasionally, then you can use a Q3 Ranger. It is simpler to operate than a TV remote control.

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Q. How much does a Q3 Ranger system cost?


A. Each Q3 Ranger installation is different and the costs vary accordingly. You can find information on the basic costs of a Q3 Ranger system on:


Tips for Project Planning




Q. What size devices would you recommend for educational user groups?


A. Based on our experience of delivering education using the Q3 Ranger system, we would strongly recommend purchasing a tablet size device, together with several smaller devices for each group of approximately 15 pupils/students.


The tablet device will act as the main Q3 Ranger activity guide, used by the educational group leader. It allows everyone in the group to see and hear the Q3 Ranger directions and multimedia presentations. The tablet device can be augmented by half a dozen smaller devices for students to use for  individual exploration at selected activity points.