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Q3 Assistant devices can be different sizes and specifications.

The unique Q3 Assistant software system installed on a fit-for-purpose, GPS-enabled computer or smart phone* creates a custom Q3 Assistant.


You can choose device sizes and specifications to suit the individual needs of your company or organisation.


*Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.5 and Windows XP operating systems.

Q3 Assistant will display position on custom and standard maps.

Field workers always know where they are.*

Q3 Assistant displays current position and GPS co-ordinates on custom and/or standard maps.


*GPS signal required.

Automatic point location.

Q3 Assistant will automatically notify a user, both audibly and visually, when they are in the vicinity of a pre-programmed location point, such as an inspection point or other asset.


Q3 Assistant automatically notifies a user when they are near a location point.

Automatic information display at set points.

Information can be automatically displayed at pre-programmed location points.


This information can be any combination of diagrams, maps, plans, movies, images, audio and text.

Q3 Assistant will automatically display any combination of multimedia information at pre-programmed locations.

Comply with Health & Safety obligations.

Notify field workers of hazards specific to particular points e.g. buried electric cables and natural hazards.


Location-specific notifications and warnings can be presented automatically. The user can be required to tap to continue which acts as evidence of notification.


Q3 Assistant can automatically display location-specific Health and Safety warnings.

Automatically display task sheets specific to locations.

Work sheets and instructions can be displayed automatically when a user is in the vicinity of a pre-programmed location.


These can be different for each location to be visited and can be quickly changed and updated without Q3 Technologies input..

Q3 Assistant can automatically display task sheets at pre-programmed locations.

Q3 Technologies Role:

Q3 Technologies will select suitable hardware, supply software installations, carry out GPS programming, construct the shell for content display, provide training and technical support.


Your Role:

To create the information content which will be automatically displayed and stored on the devices. This is simple to integrate into the Q3 Assistant system and can be changed by you quickly and easily at any time.

Q3 Technologies provide all the technical know how, you provide the content.
Contact Q3 Technologies.

Contact us for more information.

Collect and save data on location-specific forms, using standard office software.

These files can be automatically sent to the people who need them whenever a data connection is available.

Q3 Assistant allows you to record data/notes in location-specific files.

Q3 Assistant devices help outdoor field workers quickly locate multiple inspection/action points, act on automatically delivered, location-specific instructions and record location-tagged data.


Q3 Assistant can give turn by turn directions.

Q3 Assistant can give turn by turn directions.

Q3 Assistant can automatically guide users with audio and visual directions.

Q3 Assistant as a mobile encyclopedia.

Vast amounts of technical or other information can be stored on the device and made available to the user at any time and place via an interactive touch screen.


Access to sensitive or privileged information can be restricted through password protected information zones.

Q3 Assistant can store vast amounts of technical and other information for retrieval at any time.

Proof of environmental audits

Q3 Assistant can track and log times and positions throughout a field outing. The track can be viewed on a map/satellite view and can act as proof that key points or areas were visited at a certain time and date.

Q3 Assistant logs tracks and times.
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